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""Out of the box" program which really works"

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A rather different, out-of-the-box program which is nothing like anything else like there today.

This is quite different from everything else I've seen. It's definitely not the regular "Pickup Artist" or "Dating Guru" stuff that's littered everywhere these days. Of course, there are lots of guys who find Pickup Artist material more than enough to get laid... but then again this is not a "get laid" product.

IMHO, Shogun Method is pretty relevant as long as you're (1) looking for something for the long-term, and not "one night stands" or "pickup", and (2) not leery of sneaky "mind hacking" tactics or using hypnosis on women. For me, I wanted to use it to change my wife's mind about leaving me, and it worked.

There's an entire module on "Enslavement" which, again, is something nobody else talks about. According to this program, it's all about "Enslavement", and not "Seduction". After seeing this in action, it's hard to argue against that.

The one huge negative is that it's relatively expensive (the price has gone up) compared to the other dating products out there. Not everyone will be able to afford it (I just barely scraped through) but then again this program is not for everyone anyway.
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