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I have attended a couple weekend boot camps from some of the major companies in the dating industry. I would have a fantastic weekend, and then the motivation would slowly fade off over a couple of months. I would feel like I needed more material and bought and read several "Buy this, Say this, Get laid!" books. I somehow got a girlfriend and thought "ahh that was it, now I can relax". In the beginning of the relationship I would "game" her, and things would seem ok. But obviously I ran out of "material" after a short while, and my inner neediness would show. I was way over-invested in the relationship, and she dumped shortly after it all started. I was devastated. But today I'm truly grateful of that experience. It lead me to understand that I would have to work on myself on a much deeper level.

After having gone through Invincible 5 months ago things are different. I have a lot better understanding of myself, and I have cleared out a lot of mental garbage. Now, having fun with girls seems so natural and effortlessly for me. This program is not a magic pill. It's not for slackers. It requires hard mental work and it's a painful process to dig into your deepest insecurities and deal with them. But the reward is worth the pain.

I can't recommend this program highly enough. This is the real deal.

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