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Rock Solid Relationships
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"Comprehensive, Incredible, Deeper than all Fvck"

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This course is ten thousand leagues under the sea.. in other words deeper than all fuck. I was very hopeful about the course but I had no real idea what i was going to encounter.

Ever since I took rock solid relationships, I have learned quite a lot about myself, about my energy, my mind, etc..

I love the focus on Masculinity. I’m starting to wake up and want to work out... getting stuff done with purpose at work... being assertive and decisive at home...

As I went through RSR, my self-understanding grew considerably. One of the many insights I got from the meditations was that I found out that my wife does not think I can relate to her issues (anxiety and overall trauma from her crummy childhood) because I was a bully from my adolescences into early manhood. What I have been holding onto though is the fact that I was bullied on multiple occasions. I held onto these these occasions and turned them into who I became. I chose my friends based on these occasions and made all my decisions based on them.

Now in my adult life I had never truly played the hero... had never really crafted that warrior side of me... and then I was gutted that my wife felt I can’t relate to her... So the meditations on masculinity were a God send as I was able to open up to myself... to receive REAL forgiveness... to know that this isn’t who I am nor is it defining who I am... I am on the path of maturing the warrior, learning the way of the King, making this stuff disappear with positive reflective energy as the magician, and culminating my true self... the real true me into the lover, the real husband, father, and man that I am. Just a great thing I needed in my life. Thanks David Tian thank you indeed.

Prior to beginning RSR, i would express trust verbally as a matter of fact, and severely lacked in my displaying of respect for my wife. Showing my wife respect by being present with her -- a key lesson in the first module of RSR -- allowed her to feel more trusting of me. I believe these are symbiotic in that the more i display presence, the more she feels respected and thus more trusting of me. Typically in times of stress, I certainly learned from my father to avoid the storm the best I could to ride it out until it subsides. This displays no roots. I have not been rooted. I have been practicing the exercise from the course to display undivided attention and presence to my wife when storms surface, to extremely pleasant results.

In another of the amazing guided meditations, I found that my earliest memory was when my mom left me when I was young. The old interpretation was she didn’t want me and I really felt the abandonment, which leaked into all my serious relationships with women. This feeling of abandonment has been one of the core emotions I suppressed and have not allowed myself to feel, which led to me being an avoidant. However, I also saw that my interpretation of the event, while valid, isn’t the complete picture. My mom had left to go to a foreign country so that I could have a better life. After doing the meditation, I feel much better afterwards. Thank you David Tian for making this possible.

The Rock Solid Relationships course is very comprehensive at least to me. This is an incredible program overall. Thanks again David Tian for creating this course! I’m about to rock leg day and do my dark side meditation. Go Warrior King!
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