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"Don't Waste Your Money on this Book Like I Did"

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The product puts a bit of a twist on the game I think. It basically says that you don't need openers and canned material, but what you need is a mindset change to be dominant.

The process of developing the right mindset is a little confusing, and I get the feeling that the author doesn't really know how to put his information together himself. THe guy is obviously good with women, and he runs his own boot camps and has in own instructors. He knows what he's doing, he teaches well- according to his testimonials, but his ebook is confusing.

What I did learn from this book was that you need Intention, Focus, and State to be in balance with eachother. He says that you need to have Intention to have Focus, and have Focus ot have proper state, but I think they need to be properly balanced for his ideas to work.

Anyways, I probably just confused you all, lol, but my recap is this book doesn't clearly display the ideas of teh author. If you read it though, you can develop some of your own ideas. In short terms his book says to have confidence. Just stick with general pickup my friends, and don't waste your money on this book like I did.
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