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"GREAT program to resolve deeper issues blocking you from having your dream relationship"

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Hey everyone.

I think that David designed a GREAT program with this one here.

As always, everything is based on science and it is novel, at least in my eyes. Other relationship courses apply only on how to be and what to do, this course here tries to solve issues on a more deeper level. I always like that.

Relationships is the field where our deeper feelings, fears, vulnerabilities, insecurities come out the most and matter most. Issues blocking us from having a great relationship can be hidden so deeply that we cannot see and solve them on our own. David does a great job on pointing issues out and bringing them "to the light". So he helps creating a high level of awareness around some topics and helps to overcome them.

Of course you are not "healed" completely after watching this course once. The key is repetition. Maybe you need a therapist. But the insights I got in this course have been worth the cost of the course a thousand times.
This course had and has a big influence on me and gave me some very key revelations for myself. It gave me a level of self awareness where my issues are and how I can start resolving them. Some modules were so DEEP for me, I couldn't believe it.
This is also why I give this course an 8 on ease of implementation. The lessons you learn here can be quite painful. Some guys might just not be ready for this level of truth. Yet, for the complexity of the issue, David does a great awesome job.
Such a deep relationship course CANNOT be supereasy to implement - by definition.
However, the program does a very good job in giving you key insights that sink in quite slowly over the complete course that your brain can accept the hard truths.

Thank you very much for this one, David. You really ROCK!
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