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"Transform Your Life"

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From the time of my earliest conscious thought (more than 40 years) I have been aware that most people are "messed up" and have "terrible relationships."

I searched for and used other "life/relationship coaching materials" for more than a decade before I found David Tian's materials. But when I used those other products I always knew something was missing.

So with grit and determination I kept searching. If you are like I was (before finding Invincible and other David Tian/Aura materials) you probably have a lot of destructive, false notions in your head right now.

You think you need to get "better with women" to be happier, but that's a lie. You need a process that will help you shed years (maybe even decades) of "crap" from your mind and become the most mentally free, calm, fun, outcome-independent version of yourself you can possibly be. Invincible leads you through just such a process, step-by-step.

You think you need a relationship with a woman to make your life "happy and whole," but you don't. You need to become a happy and whole person first. Then interacting with women will become effortless. Invincible gives you the framework and tools to figure out what "happy and whole" means FOR YOU - and then move in that direction.

You think there is only one type of lifestyle that will "attract the best and hottest women," but that's a lie. You can figure out what you truly love, and want, and design a lifestyle that will make you happy and meet your needs. Then you will be happy, and this will attract the right types of people, including women, into your life. Invincible will give you the mental and physical training you need to find your "true loves" and "deepest needs" and design that new lifestyle.

You think sex is the most fulfilling pursuit in life, in and of itself, but it's not. Great sex is something that happens when you become a free, complete, happy man, know exactly what you want from your sexual relationships, and pursue the right women the right way. And, just as important, recognize that no matter how happy and healthy you become you cannot control many things that happen that interfere. Invincible is the product that will help you feel comfortable that you are doing the best you can, and that your life is being continually improved and optimized, making it much easier to deal with the inevitable uncertainty.

In short, making you the type of centered, strong man everyone (including women) will admire.

Most people live desperate lives and have unhappy relationships because they don't understand how they (and other people) "work." They are "stuck" because they try to run/improve their lives using the 5% of their brain that is the rational, cognitive, directly accessible part (the prefrontal cortex) when what is really driving them (and you, and women) is the other super powerful 95% (the unconscious, or subconscious) mind and the emotions it generates. And until you clean that out this part of your mind and reprogram it you will never be calm, whole, or happy.

With or without a woman.

To "clean out and reprogram" the 95% of your brain that is actually running your life, however, you must draw on deep knowledge from multiple disciplines (evolution, sociology, psychology, sexology).

Invincible is the program that does just that. It distills massive amounts of knowledge from all of these disciplines into a framework, process, and techniques you can use to address all of these areas so you can turn the corner towards a freer, happier, brighter future.

This, folks, is "it." The holy grail you need to understand yourself (and other humans) to the greatest extent possible.

Make the investment.

Do it now.
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