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Shogun Method
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"Not as easy as the marketing would have you think"

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This product is quite light once you get past all the other adverts for other products on the site. Having said that this can work for you but you must rehearse rehearse rehearse and rehearse again. The fractionation or emotional spiking in this program is tied to other rake products and yes it does work once you get the hang of it. I found myself memorising the patterns night and day from the IRAE MODEL which is the core of the shogun method to get it sounding like it was free flowing in general conversation, its not easy but with hard work again it will pay off. Out of the 4hrs or so of video included only about 2.5 hrs was dedicated to actually learning the program the rest was just marketing about the product and others for sale.Derek does answer questions on the site about problems customers have and I can't spot him wrong for that. In my opinion this will work but calibrating your tone volume and rate at which you fractionate and without sounding like a robot can take some time adjusting. Bottom line if you are after a quick fix this is not the product for you but if your somebody who realises it takes work and study it can and will work for you.
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