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Modern Day Sexual Man
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I think this product is unique for tons of reasons, partly because it's one that is completely up front about sexuality, no excuses toward politicaly correct pick up firms. It gives the hard gold Truth about what to do in bed with a women and how to act to get the best results

I think concerning being social with people, improving your life in general or simply "pick up chicks", the best products are already out there. But ! for SEX !? there's too little sources on what to do. All the current generations of men grew up with no education about sex, excpet porn wich does a lot of damage. Imagine if you came to this world without the ability to talk, nobody knows how to learn you and you can't communicate whereas everybody does, would be pretty bad right ? I thinks it's kind of the same situation for sex at this time. Guys are thrown into the real world with no education on what sex is and what to do with women in bed, and very few guys become successful without any education. If you are one of those, great for you, for the others:

Fortunately, Eric put the effort here to gather all his knowledge about what works in bed, based on thousands of sexual interactions (seriously.. some pick up gurus are hardly even to 20 women and they claim to be masters..) He went through constant practice through the years, pushing his comfort zone to unknown territories, as well with women as with life, and he gives you here all his sexual knoledge for a ridiculous price compared to what's in it.

i didn't even went through the complete program yet since there's so much information. For what I tested so far, everything worked beautifully, I just deleted some techniques and put emphasis on others, because some techniques seemed natural and really pleasurable to me, so I focused on them. I can't even describe the state of some girls I used this knowledge with, one was completely shaking for about 10 minutes, the orgasm didn't want to stop, she told me she had never felt that before (whereas she was already highly sexual..)

The bonuses are gold too, for instance the "where to meet women" has to be the very first step to learn when you want women in your life. With a simple 1 hour bonus, this one washes off all the stupid shit about "you have to approach this way, to say this line etc.."
Or even the "smooth talker" bonus. I was studying speed seduction because of the folks surrounding it as "the dark secret arts" bla bla bla, but in fact I realized through experience (maybe I'm not good enough in SS but any way) that guys having success with speed seduction are good with women any way. And then when I tested eric's conversation method I felt it much more amazing, I adapted his method to fit my tastes and as a result, I felt I was much more connecting to girls during conversations. It's far more powerful than the weak frame of "I have to manipulate her to get what I want"

Well, I could talk for hours about it but my comments could very well be compressed in some simple words: BUY IT NOW, YOU NEED IT !!
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