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What Girls Want Men To Wear
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firstly this is an ebook, big red flag already.
second, it's by kezia, another red flag.
thirdly the advice won't help here, here's why.

before this book even came out, i was dressing as a high value player, i have the look, im smart, and wear blazers when i'm out. I know i look good, but the girls don't give a shit. no one looks at me, no one cares, thats because im short, and ugly...

then i know some other guy, some meathead, who ONLY, dressed in cheap tracksuit clothing, and he has a sexy girlfriend, not once has he ever dressed up... point proven. only he has confidence, he's able to pull using the gift of the gab, even though he is very low value, needy guy, its just the confidence alone that gets the girl...

this advice is usless, it won't help, you need your inner game sorted out first. even then, this book teaches you to dress like a wanabie model, it's not cool, and no sexy, girls wont care.... dress like a badboy, or a CHAV, and it will get you the girls.
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