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"The Art Of Living A Good Life"

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In my opinion Invincible is one of the greatest inner game out there if not the best.
It goes really deep about human psychology. David talks about how our behavior
manifested since birth as an infant all the way to how we are now as an adult. That our
bodies are growing physically but our psychology stays premature. He explains why
we us humans are operating this way, how we are biologically, and how we are wired.
David’s uses terms like OS to his students in order for them to understand what his
trying to deliver. He teaches the way how the emperors live their lives, thousands of
years ago who are all great philosophers. He reveals how to have the power without
having to manipulate. It taught me how to live in the most spontaneous way. People
thinks to be good with women you have to approach hundreds of woman and have
hundreds of sex from you which is true in a way because we learned from our experiences
but Invincible thought me how to be sufficiently great instantaneously. For me Invincible
is like having a master key that opens any lock, whether it be woman, relationships and life.
Invincible is one of my favorite teachings on Inner psychology.
Personally, It has massive impacted in my life.
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