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Limitless is one of the best course I've ever got.
Going through Limitless saves me a lot of time and effort
finding ways how to be better with women and be good with people
in general, knowing what to say, think, and do in every situation. Limitless
not only taught me how to be better with woman but also how to be a better
person. I now find my self motivated, courageous, goal oriented person who
has standards. I can now say that I have total control of my dating life. In David's
teaching not only focused on techniques on how to get a girl to fall for me in the
beginning but also how to keep a woman in a long term. My interaction with women
now is like having a rolex watch on my wrist with transparent gears on it. I could see
the mechanics and psychology behind every interaction and seeing that motion gives
me limitless power.
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