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"Best Inner Game program i've seen (and i've seen many!)"

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I got to Dr. David Tian actually from reading a review on this site:)
Through the last 10 years or so, I've been studying "Pickup" obsessively from almost every source available, only to realize i was more unhappy an unfulfilled. Looking for validation from women, weather it be from sex or from a flirty smile from a beautiful girl. And seeking the approval of others.
Also, in the process, getting confused from all the information overload out there.
Invincible does an amazing job giving you a hard solid healthy ground to build your "game" on.
While RSD's Blueprint gave me incredible insights about myself and the world, i feel that Invincible by David Tian not only gives me those amazing a-ha moments where your reality literally changes, it also gives me exercises, that i can use regularly, that help these a-ha moments get burnt in my mind and not fade away after the initial high of realization.
this program focuses deeply on the inner game, while at the same time gives you the basics of attraction, covering "outer game" strategies and understanding of social and personal interactions and relationships.

If you do the exercises you will feel that Tao State that David is talking about (commonly referred to as "State" in the PUA world).

David is truly passionate about helping guys all around the world have better lives and relationships (he's FB group and FREE youtube channel "Man-Up" just emphasizes that point further.

The customer service and packaging is amazing! David even answers most of the questions personally, and the forum and private Invincible FB group are very active with like minded people, so it helps keep you motivated and accountable doing the work in the program.

I'd recommend this program to anyone (Beginner to Expert) that would like to build a beast of a psychological, emotional and spiritual foundation for himself.
Anything you learn after that will be much more powerful and effective.

All that being said, in order to have it work for you, you actually have to do the work, and luckily, David made it very applicable and straight forward hand holding you in the process, which is great! And the best part is you don't even need to leave your room to do the exercises :)
It's hard work, but it's worth it, and will possibly make a permanent change in your mind.

One last point..
Dr. Tian's (David) approach to dating and relationships is possibly, in my opinion, the healthiest in the industry. I'm a living proof that game can mess u up... And with Invincible it feels like i'm in therapy, uprooting psychological barriers accumulated through the years.

Truly a masterpiece in my opinion.
Highly recommended
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