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Adam Lyons – Hot Girl in 7 Days

The Bad:

The intro and outro music blew out my speakers.
The volume of the “background” music was WAY too loud and dissonant.
This is why I’m rating it very low on packaging.

The video and audio is clear.

There’s not much that’s bad in the content,
however at one point Adam Lyons claims that 80% of “all communication” is non-verbal.
That is a myth, and false. It is based on an often-misinterpreted study done decades ago.
The most you could possibly conclude if you actually read the f_cking study (sorry.. it’s just getting seriously frustrating hearing PUA after PUA “expert” (armchair psychologist) cite a study and then make claims about it when they clearly didn’t read the study)...the most you can conclude from that study is that person A, when observing a video tape of persons B and C, can tell by their body language whether person B likes person C and whether person C like person B. The study didn’t show that “80% of all communication is non-verbal,” or even that any communication is non-verbal. Specifically, it showed that an outside observer could tell whether 2 people like each other. It didn’t suggest that changing your non-verbals could influence someone’s liking for you (which is probably true, but that study suggested nothing of the sort).

Now, I personally believe that body language is extremely important. I recall making out with two ~20 year olds (both of them friends) in the same night, and that was the night I was focusing ONLY on my body language (mainly just remembering to lean back no matter what).
However, that “statistic” is almost completely BS. Look it up. Just do 30 seconds of googling before you present a course and pretend you understand psychology.

Another bad is in the bonus video.
It’s a video with a white background and Adam is writing words and drawing pictures.
The writing is so bad it looks like a 4 year old wrote it.

The Good:

I think everyone should watch this. He has some interesting ideas I’ve never heard before.
He mentions the 3 things that are guaranteed to turn off ALL women (one of them was being unclean-- body odor, bad breath). I personally know a guy who puts a ton of focus on practicing game, but he has terrible body odor (it didn’t occur to him to shower every day or wear deodorant until I told him to), farts almost constantly, and chews loudly with his mouth open. No matter how many thousands of women you approach and regardless of your amazing routine-stack, you’re basically swimming against the current if you don’t have the fundamentals down.

Another good thing about this product is that Adam Lyons looks like a normal, credible guy in it, and not a rooster that talks like Daffy Duck. In this video series, he wears a light blue button-up collar shirt.

One thing that he says that runs contrary to most (maybe all) PUA literature is that being in the friend-zone is (or can be) a good thing. This is partly because, the more friendships you cultivate with attractive women, the more pre-selection you have. Secondly, there will usually be a chance to escalate, either by waiting until she is ready (she breaks up with her BF, or she’s just horny).

Speaking of escalation, one of the 7 main videos deals exclusively with escalation.
Escalation is key. This COULD be the one and only reason you’re not getting more women.
Just know that you could be outstanding at approaching, opening, qualifying, 1st date, comfort… you could be funny and make her laugh… but if you have no clue about escalation (or you are simply afraid to escalate), that alone could be the difference between scarcity and abundance.

I suppose one could also argue that the same could be said about approaching.

Very interesting was the 4 Attractive Personalities.
One was a bad boy (and what type of girl he tends to attract), another was the leader (social kind of guy, and what type of girl he tends to attract), another was the Nice Guy (sweeps her off her feet with romance and poetry... and what type of girl he tends to attract—the neurotic), and the last is the Provider. Most interesting was that the second choice of ALL types of women is the Provider. The Provider is no woman’s first choice, but the Provider type is all women’s second choice. Each type of hot girl has her own “type” of guy who is her first choice, when it comes to who she’s attracted to—and they all have a different type (when it comes to first choice). But all types of girls have the same type of man as their second choice—the Provider.

Noteworthy quote: "Interactions move forwards from a point of zero, in one of two ways. Either because you are building comfort, which is a trust, rapport, and a connection with someone; or because you are escalating, which means you’re being flirtatious, creating emotional spikes, and escalating. Now a lot of ppl refer to this is push and pull, others refer to it as cat-string theory. It’s basically one or the other. You are either building a deep connection and a bond with someone, or you’re being fun and sexual and you are escalating. If you are doing only one of those two things, you will find that you do not end up in a relationship with someone. Instead, you end up either side of it. So for example, if you are building comfort, trust, and a deep bond with someone, you are gonna end up in that friend zone, and there you will stay until you escalate (which is why I’m not scared of the friend zone, ‘cause I know how to get out of it. On the other hand, if all you do is sexually escalate and flirt and don’t take things seriously, you’re gonna be pinned as a player, and she’s not gonna wanna get near you because you’re bad news, you’re someone she can’t trust. The key to a good relationship with someone, is balancing the two."

In summary, definitely get this program.
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