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Sexual Decoder System
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I purchased the Decoder System and once I saw what was in the video's and what was written I was a little less than impressed! The one great thing about the order, they did return my money within 10 days of charging my account. So, that is real...
I've been told that I am a handsome man, nothing great, nothing that woman will crawl over a table for to get to. So, I watched the non-descriptive video and soon got bored. I decided to read the system articles about getting to have sex with woman.. Quite frankly, the KEY TO ALL OF THIS IS!!!! Get out of your house, go to a PLACE WHERE WOMAN ARE and be complimentary to woman... You can walk up to any woman and tell her she is dressed so hot and start talking to her... OR, you can look around the room and find that one woman who is looking around, being fidgety or stroking her hair or has her lets constantly crossing back and forth, as she is trying to get off (while she sit's there)!
I have better approaching moves than Craig does.... He is just hitting many woman and some presto, finds a few woman who are horny as hell... Ask questions that lead her to give you answers that she realizes she's so HORNY FOR YOU.
Good luck with your purchase
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