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The Advanced Dating Strategies
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"Minimum Effective Dose of Game"

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This product is excellent. After reading a lot of the more popular game stuff ( from Mehow, Adam Lyons, Love systems, PUA training, Roosh V etc) out there I can say it is the ease of implementation and simplicity that make this product stand apart. As described by DSR it is the 80/20 that will help your game skyrocket. I would highly recommend 4 elements of Game as well and intact say they work synergistically together and without one you may not get enough out of the other. A common problem in game is information overload and getting so bogged down in "rules" and details you either don't make a move or over game which is what I did for years. This product ( combined with 4 Elements of Game) has helped me break past that and have my game skyrocket in about 2 weeks of consistent practice.

- Super simple and Effective
- Real videos with examples to see how its done
- Fairly thorough, in going through all the steps of an interaction

- Difficult to find online ( had to go through their FB then e-mail Rob directly to get access)
- More fluid rather than step by step ( Which I much prefer but may not work for those needing rigid structure like in Love Systems)
- Videos are only okay quality
- Made much better when combined with Four Elements of Game.
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