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I am really looking forward to DSR writing a review about this program because I would like a second opinion and have not seen any other legitimate reviews on this program yet. It came out on the 15th of november and it is November 23rd right now. Which means I've had it for about almost a week. It is a pretty interesting idea that I don't see a lot of people do. It's a lot like Collection of Confidence by Hypnotica. Basically you get access to the introductory video where he tells you about how to get the most out of the program. He gives you a couple tricks to use right away in the field. Then you're supposed to watch the super conference videos which is basically him, his girlfriend, Arden Leigh, and one of his coaches laying out the foundation of the program and telling all about it. Some good information on lifestyle, being motivated, what hypnosis is, etc. The part with Arden Leigh has some pretty good stuff in it and Adam explains some normal key stuff about hypnosis. I was kind of surprised when he talks about Emile Coue he refers to him as a woman so that was kind of weird. And then his girlfriend talks more about her personal experiences with hypnosis and his coach talks about living a healthy lifestyle and stuff like priorities and having self-love in order to be confident. The whole point of the super conference is to help you internalize the information you learn in it better in the hypnosis audios and that's why you're supposed to watch it first. They say that you should start seeing results in the 45 days of listening to the audios consistently. So, the audios are all about downloading the mindsets and behavior on a ladies man into your mind by using hypnosis to bypass the conscious mind and plant the commands into the subconscious mind. I looked up a little bit about hypnosis and I suppose that it mostly works. It is a respected field of psychology and works to help people in therapy for phobias and changing habits. The thing is that in the marketing it says it only takes 10 minutes and then boom you're attractive to women. That's definitely not the case. The hypnosis audios are all about 12 minutes long. There are 3 modules and each module has 3 tracks. Each track is supposed to take you into a deeper state of mind, 1, 2, and 3. I'm not really sure how I feel about it yet. It's definitely not anything like how they describe it in the marketing video but I am feeling some what more confident but my skills with women have not seemed to improve at all. I will keep listening to the hypnosis audios and then go and test some of the other stuff talked about in the program. Another key thing is that it is set up just like the Obsession Formula layout. You also get the same bonuses as you do in the Obsession Formula. Just thought that would be something to point out. Not really sure how I am feeling about the program yet. I guess I just need time to continue doing the audios.
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