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It's a 10 week program that covers EVERYTHING. It's not just about techniques, or listening to something for about 15 minutes and thinking you learnt it straight away on a superficial level. There's plenty of other programs for that. If you want a program to mold your development to truly become a man who not only attracts women naturally, but someone who you can look in the mirror and truly feel GOOD about, then THIS IS IT. It goes up and beyond the boundaries of just dating. I'd go as far as to say, it's a blueprint to life, an investment into all other aspects of your life, even outside of dating.

I'm currently on Week 7/8, ease of implementation really is you get what you put into it. The program pushes you out your comfort zone and encourages you to confront hard truths and to be honest with yourself, to actually go out and put yourself out there in social situations. Most of you probably aren't broke grad students, so you don't need to worry about this but my slight caveat is that, since the program is so comprehensive, you're trying to change so many aspects of your life, it's most effective if you have a decent income, so you can actually make the most of it, being able to go out more, changing your style, environment etc.That being said, I feel a real change in myself, and when I interact with women they respond to me much more receptively.

In terms of innovativeness and value for money, the answer you wanna know from is, what's different about this program in comparison from others and is it worth it? Considering how much you get for the content included, the "high" price is actually a very worthy investment. Every week is like a brand new program that builds upon the previous week. You can probably purchase a plethora of different programs and try to merge everything you learnt together. Heck, in one of the weeks, the instructor even encourages you to look at different sources, but from my honest opinion, as someone who has gone through a LOT of different programs in exactly that fashion, I became really confused about dating in general and trying to deal with contradictions between different instructors was also not conducive to my progress. It was neither comprehensive nor cohesive in that approach. Bottom line is, if you were to purchase one dating program, honestly guys, THIS IS THE ONE.

In terms of the customer service, we've got a forum, a Facebook group, a fast replying email address for queries and we even had a bonus webinar, what else could I ask for?
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