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The Obsession Formula
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"A decent program but nothing new"

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Generally speaking, a good program. There are 3 archetypes of women but to be honest, it seems more like a marketing scheme. Cold reading, storytelling, being a high value man and not kissing and telling should be part of anyone's 'game' if they have been studying this for any period of time and doesn't need to be hyped up as he made it. The advice is solid though and it will work if you're willing to put in the effort.

Now to the bad stuff. Nothing new here but what I found extremely annoying was Adam insulting my intelligence for basically the first 2 hours of the program. He just expects you to not really know the most basic knowledge of psychology and teaches you what neurotransmitters are and how classical conditioning works for way too long. It really tested my patience. I'm a busy guy so I was rather annoyed at how long he spent hyping up the program and telling me stuff that I learned in high school many years ago.

Overall I'd say that it was a good reminder of some the basic principles of pickup but if you've been studying this for a while, don't expect to learn anything new.
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