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"The best book (for me) for truly learning behavior around women"

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I was on PUA philosophies and then i suffer A LOT from being manipulated by women (really)
I'm implementing this since three weeks ago, and i would´t be much happier.

I'm right now in the phase of forgetting all those PUA bullshit and implementing this new beliefs and growing up my self steem and losing my fears a lot, I have dating with a 8 reprocicator girl which for my surprise was non manipulative and honest, and i love it! i have sex with another girl just in so short of time and i have programmed a date with another girl tomorrow just for fuck (milf) I am SO excited that i discover just from my words... i can get sexual aroused a woman, being appreciated verbally my behavior for a nice amount of women when i approach them and truly learning from an effective, responsible and STRONG way the act of interact with a women

I think this is the best way to continue growing up, not in QUANTITY not for interminable of magic spells or pickup lines from PUA's

It's the way for growing up in QUALITY in your relationships, casual sex companionships and many more, and also, in quantity of them jejeje

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