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Deep Connection
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I've been in the game for a while, and i know pretty much all the direct and indirect methods....

This dvd set is an indirect method of trying to have a deep conversation with a girl, it is also known as Qualification...

Qualification is a method we use to make the girl put in the work for us, using a series of challenges. it's suppose to feel good for the girl when we reward her with acceptance.

However, this dvd set, doesn't go into enough detail, its very very basic. and for a person who is new to this, they wont really understand what is going on here, it doesn't give you enough to go on... its only because I've learned from better coaches that i understand what the aim of this dvd set is...

Qualification is only part of the whole package, which isnt explained here... you cant just use this stuff and expect to get anywhere, because it wont work..

Kezia fails to explain this, because being a woman, she wouldn't have any idea anyway. shes just taking material that was already taught to her from pua training and trying to put her own spin on it, without actually understanding it fully herself....

This is reflected in the students on the DVD as they struggle to implement what kezia has taught them... it feels very unnatural...

the reason it feels unnatural is because is it... all the demos with the students just start off using deep connection and this is not how a normal conversation is structured.... you must first build comfort and break rapport before attempting deep connection, but no body is told this on the dvd set.

its just rather sad really... kezia is just in it for the money, and doesnt really care either way...
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