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Models: Attract Women Through Honesty
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"Mark Manson proves that there is a room for the romantic and religious guys out here.."

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I'm a religious Lebanese guy,and our society is some how complicated,our society is a group of sub societies there are open people and closed minded people,the fact that I'm a Muslim and coming from a sect that welcome the idea of dating made me search for the methods for dating and quitting the sin of masturbation but in a good way that respect woman not destroying her.As you become more religious you become more emotional,even though the society didn't accept his own religion and that's so awkward.

I've read many books but this book is the first one that touches the emotional side of the relationship between men and women in depth,and also it is the first book that don't just focus on the results but the quality of the results,I mean it answers why you attract crazy unstable bitches..Most of the PUA society don't care about the quality of the woman,they care about quantity which is fine but not for everyone.A religious guy like me that likes to chill and attract emotionally stable gals don't suite him those bitches,because in our religion woman is a tool that leads to heaven and by seeing the beauty of her soul not just her body and not any woman,a good woman not a crazy woman that is beautiful from the outside but empty from the inside
It is the first book ever that mentions the idea of differences in society and how this creates a social friction and affects the interaction somehow.

For 12 years I was seen as the nice guy because I respect woman and I love woman I mean emotionally I love her,I'm a romantic person.This book teaches me how to still be that romantic guy and attract woman,so I recommend this book for those who write poetry.Or even the religious guys that they want to find their perfect wife this book is for you especially when you read the idea of demographics which time saving for searching....

Bottom line:If you like to be a jerk and insult woman or memorizing pickup lines or if you want to be "good with woman" the easy way then this book is not for you and you'll be disappointed because it is getting good woman not just getting good with woman and that the hard part which is by investing and improving yourself,you attract who you are.....
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