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"Good to Establish a Foundation on Relationship Management"

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The Good
Provides solid foundation of knowledge to start from for traditional exclusive girlfriend-boyfriend relationships, good summary of some of most useful relationship management ideas from the 'seduction community'
The Bad
Little insight into making relationships a positive addition to your life e.g. building the value of a relationship through deepening it and improving its quality, limited content on relationships beyond traditional relationship model (e.g. multiple relationships etc.)
The Bottom Line
For someone new to dating advice with little understanding of the principles of relationship management this product will provide a solid foundation to start from and help you to avoid the biggest mistakes. It does a good job of summarizing a lot of the 'pick up artist community' knowledge on the subject as it relates to 'traditional exclusive girlfriend-boyfriend relationships'.


The product contains comprehensive knowledge on 'avoiding errors' in relationships through its general principles and more specific examples throughout the product. This is very valuable for beginners, with either little relationship experience or who have not learned the lessons from those relationships, or for those who now have relationships with more attractive women and are finding themselves in more challenging situations they don't know how to deal with (Note: this is very common).

If you have been studying dating advice for a while the knowledge will be less useful to you because you will have seen a lot of it before. Nonetheless, most people will get some 'golden nuggets' to add to their skillset from this product.
Some content is a little too abstract without obvious practical application, but the majority is well defined with, the author Savoy, giving many examples and stories making it easy to clearly understand the concepts. The product would have been improved with more 'practical techniques' to use in different situations.

Good Traditional Relationship Advice, Not So Great on Multiple Relationships
The content is strongest where Savoy discusses 'traditional relationships' (i.e. exclusive girlfriends). The advice is good and straightforward on these.

It becomes weaker where he starts to talk about multiple /more complex relationships. Personally, I disagree with some of the limitations Savoy presents on multiple relationship management (based on the experiences of myself and many other top dating masters I know). This product stays pretty general, not getting into specifics on these topics, and sometimes the advice is misleading or actually wrong.

Aggregator of Community Wisdom
Overall, the information in this product represents an aggregation of the information that has been developed in the 'pick up artist community' over the many years since its beginnings. So if you have participated in the community for a number of years and are reasonably connected you should know most of it already.

Having said that, this product has value. It does a good job of aggregating the good quality community knowledge into one of the first products on the 'relationship management' topic.

Savoy brings some additional innovations in terms of the integration of some love systems concepts (e.g. embedding, emotional progression model) with the material. This is also useful, particularly for students of Love Systems who already use these concepts, as it will make implementation easier.

Unhealthy Overly-Controlling Frame
If you are looking to take your relationship skills to a level where you are building healthy strong relationships with women there are some minor issues with this product. "Other guys shouldn't be talking with your girl unless you are part of that conversation." Savoy (Paraphrased)

This is a quote talking about guys talking to your girl in a club from the DVD.

It is not what I'd call a healthy long term mindset, which will set a good foundation for relationships with women. It will actually do the opposite, setting you into an overly controlling relationship, which will create drama, conflict and eventually the demise of your relationship.

This mindset comes through a little throughout the product - here I've taken the most explicit quote to point it out clearly to you.

This is not a way I would want to live - or recommend you live. There are much better 'relationship healthy' approaches to dealing with other men interested in 'stealing' your girl that are effective.

The Bottom Line
A professional good value product for men who have little to no relationships skills and are relatively inexperienced in relationships (or just not very good at it). This is pretty good value for money if you are in this situation.

However, it is expensive if you are already pretty experienced and want to learn about more complex relationship situations (e.g. multiple relationships).

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