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The Manual: What Women Want and How to Give It to Them
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"Helped give me the confidence to start approaching women"

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First off I want to say that this isn't really a guide on how to talk to women, it doesn't give you routines or openers or any of that PUA kind of stuff. Because the point that the author makes is that you don't need any of that junk and that thinking you do will just sabotage you.

What I did get from this book was a massive boost of confidence that I already have everything I need to start meeting girls and getting them into me.

I've been pretty successful in my career and always thought that earning more money was the key to having more value as a man and being able to get more attractive women.

But it's never really worked out that way and has left me incredibly frustrated at times. So if you think that you need lots of money or a ripped body or an expensive car or any of the other stereotypical stuff that it supposed to attract women, then this book will bust that myth for you.
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