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"The Power of Mirror Neurons"

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I have to say that this was quite a surprise to see that someone had actually tried to apply the science of mirror neurons to dating!

I bought this product after receiving a message from Christian Hudson about it, and it helped that I was already sold on mirror neurons and how they work - enable us to create rapport with people, or destroy it so to speak.

It's a pretty ambitious program, trying to give you natural like abilities with women by getting you to communicate on an emotional level more. I'm in IT, and spend a lot of my day in front of computers so it's true that I don't get a lot of people time in my life compared to a bar man or your average stud.

What I liked about it, was that David presents a lot of material and it repeats so I could get a feel for it. He also gives demonstrations in the videos showing how it works with women - so you see it live and get a feel for it. The study part is actually quite tough I found for someone who is not very natural minded.

Applying this in life was not easy for me. I have definitely improved though, and I feel a lot less awkward and am able to engage women more smoothly. I'm not there yet but I think I'm definitely on the right path, and I rewatch some of the videos whenever I need a reminder, and to start applying more of it. This is a really unique program unlike the others I've seen and I think other guys who have felt awkward and unnatural with women like me would benefit from it.. perhaps also in antisocial careers or jobs.
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