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There is a reason why Limitless is priced at 4-figures USD - it's priced not for the weak.

Admittedly, at first glance at the price, I thought that this wasn't the deal I'm looking out for to make myself comfortable in meeting women. It was only when I watched the preview videos that David (the trainer) made, as well as the details on the programme that I would be embarking on, that I was convinced to give it a shot.

Truth be told, the first module got me hooked in. It is NOT about the specific steps that you would need to memorise to get yourselves into the ladies. Rather, it is the MINDSET that one would need to recognise and the need to change first. Think about people like the late Lee Kuan Yew. His methodology may be well-criticised by many fronts, but it was his mindset and the will that made him into a demi-god status in a democratic country. David's first lectures are geared towards the framing mindset and values in meeting women, and that was where he hits it right on the spot here.

Of course, there are the specific words and actions that you need to know. Initially, I made it a point to mould those words learnt onto sentences. The results were instantaneous. Not that you are able to bed a girl on the first try using those actions - but it is obvious enough, for a dense guy like me, to even see changes on the ladies' behaviour to gravitate towards me.

David was a reputable Sociology professor in a Top 25 ranked university in the World so there's no doubt about his teaching credentials here. The lessons are packaged into lectures (in the form of videos), tutorials (in the form of worksheets) and supplementary readings (optional purchasable books from Amazon or Book Depository), akin to what was exposed in the colleges and universities. Users who have been used to these seminal teachings should not have any problems coping with them.

The only issue here, is about procrastination - and my procrastination. Each module is structured to be learnt for a week. Real mental discipline is required for a person to watch through the videos AND the worksheets (let alone the supplementary readings!). The questions given are relevant in the continuation of the course as well as the transformation of the self - so force myself to SIT DOWN and ANSWER them.

I believe that the price point that the trainer gave for this programme is just about right - and I really doubt that it needs to be reduced further, if at all. The Limitless community, as well as the personal contacts that David attempts to make to each and every individual of the programme already makes the value worthwhile. After all, this is a fraction of a University course that makes your life sorted out.

One heck of a valuable customer service, one customised package to suit the ongoing busy salary-man. What more could I ask for?

In this program, I have seen how much of "lag time" I am behind, that all the other programmes offered in Dating Skills did not attempt to show. Just months ago, I was a f***ing frustrated fresh 26-year old Asian nerd failing to go out with innocent SYTs and undergraduates. Now, I can confidently say that I am currently seeing experienced women, some older than I do.

I saw the light to this path. It's time to play catch up.

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