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"Life changing, beyond relationships"

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This program is a game-changer. I mean this in all seriousness, because I've tried a great many courses that claim to take you to the next level and fail. The problem is all of those programs pack you full of lines and routines but don't address your core attitude. If you're not coming at dating and sex from a place of confidence and power, then all of the lines and routines in the world will ring hollow.

Amongst the things adjusted by this program that have made the difference: posture, wardrobe, how to set and attain goals, how to learn like the best students, an average woman's REAL attitude toward sex and attraction, evolution's role in attraction, visualization, and affirmations...the list goes on.

"So, Richard," you ask, "why the less than perfect score under 'ease of implementation?" Here is the thing. You have to put in the work. To become effortlessly attractive, you have to put in massive effort. If you don't have at least an hour a day to spend working the assignments and reviewing your notes, then your results will be, uh, limited. If you have any experience and/or success in following a self-development program, you know it's not unique to Limitless.

Value? 10 f**king stars without a doubt. Go to an Anthony Robbins seminar for a weekend and it's 10k. For less than 1000, this program will CHANGE YOU. not kidding.

I am carrying myself taller and bolder than I ever dreamed possible, and now it doesn't matter what I say...I am being chased by beautiful women.

Limitless works because it rebuilds you from the inside out. Do it, you will not regret it.
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