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"Limitless is Top Tier"

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The Good:

It’s an all-encompassing 10 week program; it covers everything from the beginning to the end (finding your life purpose to understanding attraction, opening and methods you can use to spark attraction in a woman).

It doesn’t expect you to approach 1000’s of women to learn and improve, it only expects you to just sit down and THINK.

The methods taught to arouse attraction are unique, simple to learn and quite effective

It doesn’t make you memorize tons of lines or many routines; it focuses more on deep personal transformation, but also has many other modules on attraction
The videos are well structured and it feels like you are taking a class at university on how to seduce women, you always wished existed.

Limitless’ customer service is without doubt second to none (read below)
David is the only dating instructor I know that holds a PhD. He teaches not only based on his personal experiences like most other instructors, but on actual science. He’s also very easy-going and his classes are enjoyable to watch.

Most importantly, from my experience this stuff really works!

The bad:

It has a high price tag, even the basic package has close to four figures.

The deep transformational stuff at the beginning takes a long time and some pain to master.

So first some information on myself. I started in the PUA community like many others, trying to get good with women, investing money (in my case a lot of money) on books, courses, a bootcamp and spending lots of time in order to start getting consistently good with women. I’ve always had mixed results with using what I learned, and was never convinced that what I was doing felt natural. You know, why memorize some lines from someone else, when thousands of years ago people attracted each other naturally with no need of routines. Four weeks ago, I came across Limitless, got intrigued and signed up for it.

Effectiveness: I am still in the first three Modules, which deal very in depth with topics such as: neediness, finding a life purpose, being independent and proud of yourself, the true reality of women and their desires (based on interesting research), knowing your values and showing your boundaries. Even now, after going through these first modules I notice how women react differently to me and how I generally feel better about myself. I am looking forward to the later modules, which deal more with conversational/attraction techniques. Note: for me the greatest advantages limitless has to offer is that it doesn’t expect you to approach women all the time, rather you improve by thinking and philosophizing about the knowledge.

Ease of Implementation: This is for me a trick question. On the one hand it’s obviously tough to work on improving yourself (especially when having neediness issues and fear) and takes a lot of time and patience. On the other Hand, the conversational techniques which I have come across, such as the Double Entendres i.e. using specific innocent words which can be interpreted sexually, take about 15 minutes to learn.

Innovativeness: I can honestly say that I have never seen these techniques taught anywhere else before. The classes on neediness were so in depth that I found out that even now after all this time I still had to work on this again.

Customer Service: Limitless’ customer service is hands down second to none. They have gone beyond what I expected to help me with a tech problem with paying, and during the course of the program they expect you to ask questions about any topic you have problems with. They even sent me a survey asking me what my dating goals were and my personal situation. I even got a surprise free one-on-one calling session with David personally as a bonus. I'm also positively surprised by the Limitless community and connected well with the instructor.

Value for Money: The price range is obviously not for everybody, but up to now I feel it’s worth everything.

Conclusion: Throughout the years when coming across a new program by a different instructor, I often thought that I struck gold and that the course would transform my social and dating life, making me become a highly desirable person that always knows without a doubt how to attract women. After about 1 or 2 weeks, this feeling would always disappear making me look for another program. With Limitless it feels differently this time, and after 4 weeks I can say without a doubt that this thing is the real deal if you are seriously committed to working on yourself. I definitely recommend this to anyone serious enough to patiently go through the ten weeks and have an honest intention to improve themselves.
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Written by Brainbuster
July 08, 2016
"You know, why memorize some lines from someone else, when thousands of years ago people attracted each other naturally with no need of routines?"

The answer to this is simple:

Thousands of yrs ago ppl attracted each other naturally with no need of routines.
"Game," and "lines" and "routines" are designed to help a man punch above his weight.
In other words, if you are a 6 or a 7 (at first glance--your initial first impression may make you an apparent 6 or a 7 to a girl, even though you may be a 9 if she only gave you a chance and test drove you as her boyfriend).... if you are a 6 or 7, then without lines/routines/game, you CAN attract an HB6, and maybe an HB7.
The purpose of routines, obviously, is so that you, an apparent 6, can level up and attract an 8 or 9.

Personally, I think of myself as a 7 at first glance,
but my ex-girlfriends would rate me a 9 or 10. My end-game is 10 times better than my 1st 5 minutes game.
I've studied how to satisfy a woman in bed, extensively,
I'm extremely considerate and sensitive, while at the same time can be dominant;
I have two university degrees;
I work for myself and have several attractive talents that women like--like playing piano;
I have a wonderful family, and I'm very good at effectively improving a woman's life in many ways.
An HB9 or HB10 will never know all of this when I approach her.

Paul Janka mentioned that a girl's value (not human value, but sexual market value),
can be perceived at a glance, in the first few seconds looking at her.
A man must work to "front-load" his value, because it is not readily apparent.
She has to discover it. And that's where "game" comes in.
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