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The Pick-Up Artist Season One (Reality TV Show)
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"Can be Useful to Beginners for Motivational Purposes"

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The Good
Allows beginners to get to know one of the seduction communities most well known gurus, and also useful for motivation in early stages of learning. Beginners may learn from some of basic errors Mystery points out contestants making.
The Bad
This is an entertainment product, not an educational product. It is included here because of its popularity and because there is some educational content. For anyone who is more than an early beginner there is very little educational value. It should be considered as a motivational product only.
The Bottom Line
This product is only recommended to be bought for entertainment purposes.


The content taught to contestants is very basic, and can be misleading because of the way it has been jazzed up for the benefit of the Reality Show. There are some basic pick up rules to be learned from the in depth analysis of contestant challenge footage that Mystery provides at the end of each episode. In these he often points out the basic errors to be avoided.

The footage may help application and implementation of some pick-up for beginners because the errors that are made by contestants are pointed out when Mystery evaluates their performance. Because of the detailed analysis of footage, and the fact that explanations are kept simple this can help some beginners to get over basic sticking points.

There is nothing innovative to learn from these videos, they provide only information on very basic pick up principles.

Very well produced series to VH1 quality standards. The customer service and download of episodes it provided by Amazon with good responsiveness and accessibility.

At $1.99 this is cheap. Is valuable if you are a beginner and need more motivation or inspiration.

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