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Deep Connection
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"Useless. Just useless."

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Okay, I was watching this, and for most of e dvd kezia just talks, usless information that won't help you, she doesn't give anything away.. Instead she draws an iceberg on the board and lays out how deep connection looks with someone who is a dancer, but the model she shows is what she refered to as the interrogation model... And then she says not to do,it... So well done, you just wasted 15 minutes showing us how not to do something, but then doesn't actually show you how to achieve the same results doing it the right way... That's a rip off... Instead she waffles on about what deep connection is going to do for you, ok fine, we don't care, just tell us what to do so we can do it...

After several more minutes of jibber jabber, she decides to finally give us the lines we are suppose to use on the girl when we talk to her.... The bad part is, she only gives us lines that relate to the girls job... And she gives about six examples of what you can say... So after a full hour into the dvd with get a choice to use one of six lines on a girl we can use when she gives you her job...

So we use one of the lines, and then...... Well that's it, there is no then, the seminar is over, and the role plays begin...

That's the product in full... She doesn't give an example of how the iceberg model looks when you are making this deep connection, she only shows you the interrogation ice berg model, that actually went deep into why the girl wants to be a dancer, but doesn't show you how to actually structure the conversation in the proper way to get the same answers...

What is most annoying is that her book, actually has more information about it, as well as the ten hook lead system... You don't need this dvd set AT ALL if you have the ten hook lead system, cos all of the deep connection stuff is covered in there anyway, and in a lot more detail.....

The final verdict is just buy her book for 5 quid, it has all her information in it, don't let her scam you with this crappy DVDs...
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