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Make Her Horny with Humor
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"Great roadmap, does what the title promises"

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Very helpful for creating a roadmap to get the girl you like want to sleep with you through humor (what the authors call: "greasing the slide to your bedroom", or "the 5-phase panty dropping-method")


What makes it stand out is that it doesn't just teach you what kind of humor works with women, it gives you an oversight of the phases of seduction (from the first meeting till the moment you are sleeping with her) and what type of humor to use IN EACH PHASE.

This helps not only to NOT lose the attention of the girl you are talking with, it makes sure that you'll never need to wonder anymore what to say next to a girl. The book offers a lot of examples of lines to use, but, moreover offers formulas and templates to create your own lines and stories for each phase. And the audios that come with the program gives the student tasks to do, so to implement everything in a pace that keeps you motivated.

For an unexperienced guy like me it came with some worthy revelations, such as:

- what women actually mean by "sense of humor" and how sexy humor differs from "comedy"
- why conversations with women run dry because men don't know how to shift from one type of humor to the next
- how one doesn't need to be considered a "funny guy" at all to make women laugh
- how humor can be used to bond with a girl you've hardly met and make her talk about sex without creeping her out.


- the examples overlap for a considerable part the course "Seductive Storytelling", so that combining the two into one course would have made for a better deal, maybe. However, when you order one of both programs you'll get an offer to buy the other for a reduced price.

- the examples are very much related to American Pop culture and American stereotypes, which are sometimes hard to translate into another cultural context (if you, like me, happen to live in one), however the templates will help you to do so

- The Ebook ends very abruptly after describing the last phase. A little conclusion would have been helpful to round it all up and answer some possible dilemmas.


Great for "non-naturals" like me to give you a good plan to go by when talking to girls. Takes away a lot of anxiety and insecurity since now you know what phases to go through in your conversation and HOW to use humor for attraction, rapport and arrousel. That EVERYONE can pull this off is no question anymore at the end of the book.

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