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"Like all PUA products, one or two small nuggets of gold buried in pile of crap"

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Oh boy. Where to begin. If you buy the entire upsell thing at their ridiculous price, there is so much crap that they throw at you. Unfortunately, none of it is useful. You just wasted all your money.

The entire premise of the system is that you find out what type of girl she is and follow some seduction strategies specific to her type. They say that you will then know how to approach and attract this particular type of girl. There are three problems with this.

1) There is no way to know what type of girl she is until you are well into your interaction with her. It's not like they tell you how to determine what type of girl she is within the first few minutes of interaction. You have to get to know some deeply personal stuff about her to really categorize her. And the only way to do that is if you are in some deep connection conversation with her. How often does that happen within the first few minutes?

2) You cannot rely on her answers to figure out what type of girl she is. We all know this by now. Women lie. Ask her if she has a lot of boyfriends, and she'll say "no" when she's out dating three other guys at the moment. So thinking that you can determine what type of

3) The "specific" strategies they give you is actually very generic and useless. "Go out and do 2 or 3 casual things on the first date." "Touch her lightly in a non sexual way." Really? You're telling me that this is the kind of "revolutionary" seduction strategies that he came up with? Stuff that every guy knows since the dawn of man? And then he says, "Get sexual as soon as possible." Well, duh! But how? Oh, there's absolutely nothing about it in any of the material. It's just general stuff about trying to get sexual, but not too pushy.

The truth is that some of the advice that is given may work if you are already in a relationship with a girl. You can try and tailor your interactions with her to keep her interested. The problem is getting her interested in the first place. There is NOTHING in here that will help you do that. What this product, and all other PUA products, ignore and deny is that initial attraction is based on how physically attractive you are to a woman. But they obviously can't make money off of chumps if they admitted that.

All the bonus videos and interviews are absolutely garbage. Not only are they spreading misinformation, it is so boring to listen to. The interviews have no direction, and everyone just sits there stiffly rambling on and on about nothing.

Overall: a waste of time and money.
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