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"The Flow and Women"

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Through trial and error, Dan Bacon has come to the truth of attraction between men and women. This four step process comprehensively and effectively reveals what you need to know, and what women want you to know. There is some philosophy here that gets you into some good mindsets, along with some methods and self analysis that can be implemented immediately. the steps are easy to remember and if you try them you will be the most desirable guy in the room like it is nothing in no time. there is work here to be done, but you cant help but enjoy the process of change.

The flow is the first of several programs for improving yourself with women and in general. It is a good introduction, and if I wasn't poor I would have bought all his material by now. But this program is just an intro. If you follow the flow you will improve with women and you will be a more desirable person in general, but if you stop here you will only tap a fraction of the potential your manhood would allow. pursuing the modern man and its products changed my life, and through this influenced those around me for the better. Unfortunately words don't describe the feeling a guy like me feels, who was once terrible with women, when the ladies are giving me signals to ask them out on a regular basis.
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