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Pleasure Mechanics Guide to Fingering
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"The Best Education on Fingering I've Ever Seen"

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I don't think I've ever written a full 10 star review
on DSR, but I have no reservations for this.

I've watched a few different educational guides
on how to please a woman,
from that "white tiger tantra" guy, (Steve P. I think),
to Ideagasms guy, Stephane, to David Shade,
to 2GTS (2 girls teach sex)...I've seen almost all the videos of 2GTS,
and they are excellent.
I can remember a few good tips from all the above.

But this Pleasure Mechanics is the absolute best.
It is perfect instruction.
It's visual and just the right pace of instruction,
and will definitely make you an expert at fingering a woman.

You want this skill in your toolbox for when you
meet that girl of your dreams.
That high caliber girl who's so hot and so high class
you think she's out of your league,
and you're afraid you might not be cut out for her in the bedroom
(yes, I'm talking from personal experience).
Without ever even having sex with her
(though she'll never be able to resist the thought of you inside her after this)
she won't just continue liking you,
the tone will change from her liking you a lot
to her texting you the next day asking whether she can make you dinner
(again, talking from experience).

This could be priced way higher and it would still be a great value.
I probably sound like I'm a commercial or something,
but production quality and education quality and everything is top notch.

I can't believe I've been so focused on "pick up"
and only recently (I'm 33) learned this.
Forget magic tricks. This is real magic.
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