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Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy
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"Pretty good for beginners"

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This is a decent program especially for beginners who struggle making basic conversation with women.

The Good: Rio covers many aspects of conversation, as well as covering basic attraction and rapport concepts. Also, for the low cost of investment, there are many hours of content which a plus.

The Bad: While it may connect to some, to me, Bobby Rio's teaching style leaves something to be desired. He normally sounds like he is just reading from the page. Also, while the program itself is okay and covers the general concept of conversation okay, especially for beginners, there are many better products from Love Systems, Josh Pellicer, Jason Capital, and Brad P that cover a broader range of conversation topics for a slightly more advanced level.

The ugly: Bobby Rio's style of flirting and communication really tends to veer to the more abrasive side. This might connect to some, but it a massive turn-off to many women.

Overall: while not the best program for developing communication skills or state, it's a decent program for beginners especially for the low cost.

Overall Rating: 6.5
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Written by Brainbuster
September 22, 2016
You thought his flirting was abrasive??
I thought it was a little tame.
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