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Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy
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"good product but minefield but too much self promotion"

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I have this product for just over a year which is sufficent time to come to abalanced view on the strengths and weaknesses of the said product.

This product is delivered in a way that was light years ahead of most products; in the past you were restricted to either mp3 or ebook, this product went one better offering you a variety of easy to use mediums: ebook, audio and short videos. At the time the product must have be launched that must have a game changer and even in 2015 most pua companies are offering only one medium.

- The video quality is clear and not too long.
For me persoonally I found the video content too short but the quality of audio mp3s cannot be faulted Detailed and too the point with clear and easy to follow eamples. Each mp3 finished with an Action Plan for translating the content into practice - totallly unique.
- ebook: The ebook was reading and not too heavy on the eyes.

- The author wore me down with his continuous plugs and adverts. To describe them as annoying would be an understatement. They were ongoing.
- What is the point of having a phone without a number?
The product comes with a free member's forum (where you are introduced to more products to entice you) and the forums were dead. don't waste your time checking them out.
- Information overload:
This really should be a positive but if you don't have a game plan, it's very easy to suffer from information overload as the product does provide lots and lots of quality information.

Would I recommend the PRODUCT?

If you are someone struggling with your cnversation at a basic level - then stay clear of this product as the wealth of information might stall you (or you could risk temporary stifflement for future growth) or aim for another product. If you are intermediate to advanced and looking to enhance a specific area of your conversaton then this product I feel would be ideal for you.
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Written by Wynnedago
January 28, 2015
Not a bad review and I agree on many points. However, I feel the opposite and feel this is more of an entry level course than an advanced one. It could really bore someone who has studied even the most basic of attraction and conversation topics.
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