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"The Biggest Disappointment Ever"

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It's actually pretty old by community standards. I got it. It totally sucked ass.

There was a wee bit of body language material but not much. And what there was was pretty obvious.

Essentially the DVD boiled down to DavidD saying "if your body language sucks then it's probably due to inner game problems. Which I, conveniently, have some other products to sell you which might help".

One of Hypnotica or Piccus was in there with some real fruitcake crap: Close your eyes, and hold your index finger above your head in your other hand, and imagine a fountain of water, or some such idiocy (been too long to remember it exactly now)...

This product was, at the time, the biggest disappointment ever, although DavidD, and others, would go on to top it...

The only good thing about it was Mystery's apperance, which was actually my first encounter with MM. However, it would now just be considered introductory material.
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