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End Game
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I studied PUA literature for years and tried them. And I even participated in the best PUA coaching programs also. Every time tried my best I wasn't reaching the results that they claimed and I always looked for ways to improve myself and I only ended up being a
jerk in the eyes of women with no sex from it.
It gives a really good understanding of the underlying principles of womens'actions and behaviour. It focuses on how to be Alpha in a genuine way not like a robot wich has a routine arsonal staying needy all the time because of his intentions. It emphasises on giving in the first place and how to make women feel in they way they want to (wich is essential to create attraction and to be a seducer). It says that if your intentions are right (to give something without needing anything in response) than it is going to be sub-communicated during your conversation (wich also makes sence).

Before I came across the book called End Game, one of my friends who is a natural - answered the following when I asked him what does he do to make women tick:
he always makes the unexpected move = in other words being unpredictable but at the same time he has a confident presence wich makes the girl feel safe. Our conversation happened a couple of weeks before I came across this book - and for my suprise this book described the same phenomenon wich my friend did...

So if you are serious of finding the root cause of your failiure and the foundation fo your future success I strongly recommend this writing.
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