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I had learned how to approach consistently using by reading 4 Elements of Game Drive section. I went a full month making 3 approaches a day on campus, but I usually wouldn't go for the number since I knew I didn't quite know how to meet up for later. I was fine with that until I met a really great girl who I wanted to meet up with. I actually saw her before and she was a big reason as to why I practiced approaching to that degree. She was receptive and I got her number but I didn't know what to do, so I lost her. I then bought got this book. When I started applying it after about a week I consistently got 3 dates a week, a quantity I wanted because it fit my schedule. I've only had a couple dates beforehand and they were all to things I had to have dates to, like prom, so this was my first series of dates that I set up intentionally.
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