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"The Greatest Dating Book for Beginner's to ever exist"

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I remember the days I was afraid of approaching a girl, I would shake in fear, run out of words, my mind would freeze, and my body would shake in fear. All of that changed when I read this book, from the first page I could tell this book knew what it was talking about, this is not a fantasy book, this is real. After reading it a few times, taking notes, studying it, I decided to take the challenge and go out and prove it myself. And boom. It worked. There was this girl at a party everyone was crushing on, but she rejected them, that is when I saw the guys all acted like nice guys, and different to the approach given by the Flow, so that is when I stepped in and spoke to her with the newborn confidence obtained from this eBook, and boom, after a great conversation, I managed to finally have sex with her. It was glorious, and that is when I said "The Flow really works!" Of course, remember this eBook isn't about becoming someone that it is not you, it is about taking the best out of who you are and live a great live in dating and conversations with women.
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