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What Girls Want Men To Wear
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No... This ebook give you info you can get for free anywhere on the net... Basiclly, clothing that fits. Daniel and kezia are trying to dress you up as models here and looking at the examples, most of them actually suck.

Honestly it doesn't matter WHAT you dress like, you dress whatever way you want to attract the girl you want... If you're a goth, you dress goth to attract goth girls... Etc.

In this book it teaches you one dress style, and that's the style of Daniel does have basicl tips on style. But you don't really need them... I've seen people dress in all kinds and still get hot girls, it doesn't matter...

One tip suggests not to listen to your girlfriends advice because it doesn't work... Wel in that case why is the book titled. What GIRLS want men to wear, if listening to your gf or kezia for that matter is wrong?
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