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The 10 Hook Lead System: Master The Art Of Conversation
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"rip off, don't buy it"

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ok, so as the dvd starts off Kezia wastes no time in patting herself on the back for coming up with this system (she didn't come up with it, it was taught to her and stolen from other PUA's)

she claims this dvd has sold over a 100k copies, i hope not, because if it has the poor guys who actually bought this tripe were ripped off...

i say ripped off because all of these hooks are found in her book for only 15 pounds. you don't need this dvd if you have the book.

do these hooks work? sure they do, they'll make the conversation last a little longer than it would have otherwise. will it get the girl to sleep with you? lol no it won't. the ten hook lead system will allow you to ask the girl to name three interesting things about her country, or what her favorite celeb is.

the dvd set is basically just telling you ten ways to have a normal conversation. there's nothing here that will make the girl think "wow this guy is amazing" she'll just think it's another conversation, and wont think any differently.
the reason this dvd exists for the guys who don't know how to have a conversation with a girl, the ones that have nothing to say, the shy, socially awkward people. all this dvd will do is bring THEM up to normal conversation standards.

So kezia is taking the credit for creating a system of how to have a normal conversation with people? lol yeah right.

guys if you really want to know this stuff, just buy her book, at least this way you won't have to listen to her ramble on and on about how great she is.
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