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The Mystery Method: Mystery's Video Archive 5 Volumes
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"The Earliest and Most Extensive Footage of Mystery Instructing his Method"

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The Good
Very effective content, explanation of the basics of Mystery Method by Mystery himself, stories behind Mystery's development of his techniques are interesting/ entertaining, great value for money
The Bad
Quality of the DVDs is amateurish with low quality resolution, in one case the DVD is blurry, a lot of copycat products on the market that have integrated Mystery's content into them (no longer unique content). Consequently it is relatively pricey for the content you get.
The Bottom Line
There are better products that describe Mystery's approach to pick-up now in the market from Venusian Arts (Revelation, Revelation: The Vault DVD Set ). Those interested in the origins of pick-up may be interested in buying this product, or those looking for a cheaper option.


This is the earliest original footage of some of Mystery's seminars, and is the only footage where he himself describes some of the more detailed and basic tools and techniques of his method (In later products, his associates Matador and Lovedrop take over this task).

Good Practical Support for Mystery Method Implementation

The content in these DVDs is a good accompaniment to the the books explaining Mystery Method (Mystery Method and Revelation). Mystery does not cover his method comprehensively in these DVDs, but instead dives deep into some areas with practical detail, anecdotes and stories behind their makings. This leads to the viewer getting a much better feel for how the techniques work, makes them more accessible and as a result - easier to implement. Some of the highlights which add value beyond books are kino escalation and cat theory.

Bad Filming

The videos are not very good quality, and the set up is amateurish. One video in particular is very low quality with high compression. Whilst this affects the viewing experience, it does not affect the content itself (i.e. everything is perfectly audible). Amazon is the current distributor of Mystery Method products, so customer service and delivery standards are good.


If you are going to buy this product you should also consider buying one of the books to accompany it so that you get the full value from the DVD. The DVD does not provide a complete description of Mystery's Method which would disadvantage someone trying to implement it. The lower price option is Mystery Method and the most up to date is Revelation.
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