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How To Fuck A Woman's Brains Out
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I just finished listening to the audiobook. It also took me a long time, because I was saving the episodes for times I was feeling down, as a mood-lifter. I liked it very much, because it was so hilarious, and had many new and mind-opening concepts for me.

I think other bad reviews may come from the fact that the whole book is quite ironc and semi-serious. For example, the chapter about "fattening your woman" I read as a statement "It is ok for a woman to be fat. Really ok, not just trying to be polite here". Threre is at least one man in the world who actually prefers plump girls, and there may be more like him. It is good to know (even though I am a "skinny bitch").

I don't know how useful the advice from this book can be for a man, but as a woman I can say that yes I would be attracted to a kind of man like ThornDaddy, because he seems to present (and promote) qualities I value such as respect and concern for others, sense of humour, intelligence, imagination, sexual stamina, imdependence.

I gave low rating only for ease of implementation, because I really don't know how I can even get started with this BDSM stuff. Also I don't rate effectiveness, because I have not tried it, and I am a woman, so this is not for me.

All in all, I recommend this book for any man to read. Maybe don't take everything too seriously, use what you like (and what you can ;)), leave out the rest.
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