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Hot Girl In 7 Days
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"Uses The 80-20 Principle To Teach You The Least You Need To Know To Quickly Get Some Success"

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The Good
Focuses on the most important things that are going to get you the best results. Doesn't require you to learn any complicated theories or systems, so you can put it to use right away. Shows you how to escalate things safely, so you're less likely to get blown out.
The Bad
Lacking depth and detailed examples in parts that could create uncertainty. Encourages you to only approach girls that are already showing some interest in meeting you. A few things that are claimed here are presented as fact, when they are merely personal opinion, and not necessarily correct.
The Bottom Line
If you just want to learn the bare minimum on how to go about meeting and attracting women, this could be a good product for you to check out. Adam Lyons says what he's teaching here is the 20% that is responsible for 80% of the results. It focuses on the broad brush strokes without giving you all the finer details, so it keeps things pretty simple.

But if you're already familiar with some dating advice or are wanting to meet a higher quantity and quality of women, this might be too basic for you, unless your looks and image are enough that you already get a lot of attention from women. For average looking guys looking to date more attractive women, you would be better off checking out Make Women Want You.


Hot Girl in 7 Days by Adam Lyons is a series of short videos designed to teach you the minimum you need to know to go out and meet and date women. It's based on the Pareto Principle, or 80-20 rule, that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. Lyons focuses on showing you the basic 20% you need to know to go out and get some success right away.

In this sense it is good, as there is nothing overly complicated here to stop guys from going out and using it. In total, the videos combine to be not much more than an hour long, so it won't take you long to go through it all.

The flip side is that it may be too basic for many people, especially beginners, who this is aimed at. It's likely that some viewers will be left wondering what they need to specifically do and say to approach and date new women. If you're already a fairly sociable person and have no problems talking to new people, then this shouldn't be a problem for you.

If you learn best by studying a detailed system and like to be shown explicitly what to do, you might get frustrated here. Lyons is encouraging you to be yourself and utilize your own personality, and in doing so leaves out some of the details, which will depend largely on your own style. In some of the extra content though there is more depth and explanation on some of the specifics of what to do.

7 Dates In 7 Days

One of the things that the program promises to teach you is how to get 7 dates in 7 days. How satisfied you are with this aspect of the product will depend on what your expectations are, so I'll give you an idea of what to expect without revealing the technique.

To me, it doesn't show you how to get what I would constitute as a 'date'. When I think of a date, I take it to mean meeting up with a girl who has agreed to come out and spend some time with you. That's not the type of date you will get from this technique.

It would be better classified as how to be social and meet 7 new people in 7 days, wherein you may meet some girls and possibly go on an actual date as a result. It's worth doing though, and will help build up your confidence and social skills, whether or not it leads to you directly dating women or not.

For the best results from this technique, it'll be helpful if you live in a reasonable sized city and work in an area that is quite busy. If you're in a less populated place you might struggle to make this work as effectively.

Approaching Who You Like Or Who Likes You?

One of the topics that Lyons talks about is how to recognize signs that a woman is open to being approached, either in general or by you specifically. So if you're a guy who doesn't feel comfortable cold approaching women, this might be helpful for you as it can show you which women are likely to be more receptive to your approach.

Lyons talks about a technique called the three glances that will let you know who is more approachable, and that you should focus on these women. In essence he says he wouldn't bother approaching any women that aren't already showing some signs of interest in you talking to them.

This is fine if you're just wanting to go out and find any girl and maybe try and get a girlfriend. You're more likely to receive a warmer response from women too if you decide to go this route.

But if you're looking to maximize your dating skillset and success with women, then this strategy is quite limiting. By only approaching women who are already showing signs of interest, you're missing out on the chance to meet women who might be interested once you talk to them, or at the very least the chance to practice and learn from the experience. Always looking for the easiest option is not going to lead to as much growth than if you always look to challenge yourself.

Also since the product is about how to get a hot girl in 7 days, you're probably going to have to take more risk. If you're an average guy chances are you're not going to find the hottest girls checking you out and smiling at you in the bar or club, so you run the risk of not taking any action with the girls you actually want. In terms of what to say to approach women, that's not covered here in these videos.

Recognizing And Attracting Personality Types

Something that was interesting, and I haven't seen talked about before, was how to understand which of three personality types a woman falls into using the PEN model. When you understand this, you can know which of three types of guy she will be most attracted to. So you can either go for the woman who will most likely be attracted to you, or display the characteristics of the archetype that the woman you like will respond to.

Lyons talks about how ideally you want to have traits from all three of these type of guys as that will give you the most options in attracting women. He also talks about a fourth type of guy, who was the second preference for each of the three types of women, but this is more a guy that she will settle for. If given the chance, she is likely to cheat on this guy with her preferred personality type.

So if you're interested in having a monogamous relationship with a woman, it pays to know this information as you're more likely to keep her faithful by knowing and being the kind of guy that she most wants.

Another point that Lyons makes is that if you're not having success with women at the moment, it's likely that you don't fall under one of these three archetypes of men. I think a lot of guys who are natural with women, do well because they are clearly identifiable as one of these types and women who like that type will be naturally drawn to them.

Preselection And Entourage Game

Probably the one technique that Lyons is known for espousing the most is preselection as a means to create attraction. This is a well known idea in the dating community, with scientific evidence that women are more attracted to men who other women find attractive.

Lyons talks about some research that proves this point and how you can use this concept to quickly make yourself appear more attractive. So what he also encourages you to do is go out and make friends with women and use them to build up your social circle. This way you're building up something each time you go out, and not starting from scratch every night you go out.

Entourage game is something that Lyons and a couple of other dating coaches were well known for in London, where they would roll into nightclubs with large groups of women. They would get free tables and bottle service in return for bringing all the girls and it would make it much easier to meet new women as they already had such powerful social proof. This type of system is touched on at different times and it may be something that you're interested in.

Building Comfort And Being Under The Radar

Lyons's game is built more around building comfort with women and being under the radar when trying to seduce them. He says he is happy to be put into the friend zone because he knows how to escalate and get himself out of it.

So if you want to make friends with lots of women and play more of the long game when it comes to seducing them, you might find this suits your style more. Some of the things he advocates are sightly effeminate and not all guys will have any interest in doing.

For example, he talks about how he would rather go out shopping with a group of girls than be in a pub watching sport with a group of guys. Consequently, he's able to talk to women about fashion and different shades of lipstick and genuinely be interested in these things. Personally, I'd rather be with guy friends watching sport than shopping for lipstick, so some of these ideas won't suit everyone.

One of the things he says he's proudest of is that he's seen the breasts of his wife's friend (he's married to Amanda Lyons). The way he tells this story, the women in his social circle say that he 'doesn't count' and almost seem to treat him as if he is one of the girls.

There are advantages and disadvantages to this, but getting into a position where women don't even see you as a sexual threat can be problematic for many men. Lyons is very experienced so knows how to handle this, but he says that before he learned how to escalate properly women always assumed he was gay. Once you get this deep into the friend zone it can be difficult for most men to break out of it.

Lyons does talk about how you can escalate things verbally and physically. So he shows you some ways you can start talking about sex that are very low risk. Overall his method and style of game is good if you want to minimize the risk at every stage. So if you're meeting women trough social circles, or venues you frequent often, and need to preserve your social value, this type of thing works well.

Understand Attraction Ebook

Aside from the video series, you get access to the Understand Attraction ebook and a nine-part video series about understanding signs that someone is attracted to you.

The book Understand Attraction is a good overview of the entire model that Lyons teaches. It's a good introduction to a lot of the important things you need to know to have success in dating, but as it covers so much it is lacking some depth in places.

You may be reading it and expect to see a particular subject expanded on, only to discover that Lyons has moved on to something else. For instance in one section he is talking about using qualifying statements when you only have a short time to meet someone, and in the very next sentence he's talking about his iPod playlist. It was a big disconnect and felt like something was missing or had been cut out.

The book is also targeted to men and women, so at times it seems like it is holding back in the attempt to appeal to both genders. Throughout the book there are links to his website for more information on the topic, but sometimes it directs you to a page where you need to enter your email address to access information or the link is just broken.

There is more information in the book on the specifics of what to say and do, as well as Lyons's formula for how to create attraction. There are three types of ways he recommends you can approach people, and the advice is probably average at best. One of the examples relates to asking about the decor in the venue you're at and just seems plain strange, I can not imagine it working well with most girls.

Overall the advice is pretty standard and generic here, another instance where it's kept petty basic as it's targeting women also. So it's not that the information here is bad, but there are better products that are more in depth with better examples about how to approach women, such as Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy.

You'll find a lot of other information in the book, and there is some good advice on qualification, building comfort and breaking rapport. If you want to read something fairly straightforward without getting bogged down in too much detail then this book should appeal to you.

There are a few instances, in the book and throughout the product, where it seems as if Lyons is making subtle digs at the pick up artist community as a whole, even though this is where he started himself. For example, in the book he gives an example of going on a bootcamp in London where something weird is taught and he implies that this was common practice at the time.

From having lived there myself, before the time frame this would have occurred, I can say that things were a lot more evolved and advanced than what Lyons makes out. He says there was no theory at this time and people were simply running around doing socially uncalibrated approaches, which was not the case for the majority of people.

Like some other dating coaches, this appears to be an attempt to bash the PUA community and distance himself from it so as to appeal to a wider audience, but it's just unfounded and factually inaccurate. In reality most of the ideas and techniques taught here were originated in the PUA community, most notably by Mystery.

Lyons has some differing opinions at times though to Mystery and other dating coaches. For example, he denies the existence of something known as last minute resistance (LMR), saying it's something made up to explain a girl not wanting to sleep with you.

Many people would disagree strongly with this, as there are times when a girl will offer up some token resistance just before sex, and this can be for a few different reasons, not because she doesn't want to sleep with you. This is something that Lyons presents as a fact, but is actually just his opinion. He gives a short paragraph explaining how to make sure it doesn't come up, but there are no practical examples given and chances are some guys will read it and not understand exactly how to implement what he says.

Understanding Attraction Video Series

There's also a series of nine short videos included, all of which go for just a few minutes each. It's all about understanding attraction, primarily what signs to look for that would indicate someone might be attracted to you.

So there are universal signs to be aware of, as well as things to look for in specific situations such as how to tell if someone is attracted to you at work, amongst your social circle or when you first meet them.

The information here is based on a lot of psychology and scientific research, and is worth being aware of. There's a lot of pretty standard body language stuff and nothing really revolutionary, but if you've never heard it before it can help you realize what women are going to be most receptive to you.

The Bottom Line

If you just want to learn the bare minimum on how to go about meeting and attracting women, this could be a good product for you to check out. Adam Lyons says what he's teaching here is the 20% that is responsible for 80% of the results. It focuses on the broad brush strokes without giving you all the finer details, so it keeps things pretty simple.

But if you're already familiar with some dating advice or are wanting to meet a higher quantity and quality of women, this might be too basic for you, unless your looks and image are enough that you already get a lot of attention from women. For average looking guys looking to date more attractive women, you would be better off checking out Make Women Want You.

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