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"great product, but some negs"

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i agree with most comments... it's a great product. But its not without its problems.
most of them come from Yad himself. he kind of just stands there and instead of talking about what he was actually suppose to be talking about, he just tends to waffle and go off into dreamland and talking about utter nonsense, and goes on to explain things that are not actually going on...
he doesn't give proper demos when he says he was going to. the two models who show up are as thick as anything and dont add anything to the product, i would have liked their proper opinions instead of just giggling into the mic.

the streets demos were very poor. the quality was awful, and we couldn't hear anything that was said, and with yad constantly stopping it every 5 seconds, i just began to lose interest... yad is very boring to listen to, because he doesn't get to the point and he's talking utter crap.
he will often say don't do something and then in his video he does it...
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