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"mode oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

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being honest and direct with women is hard, and thats why we as men have never done it, weve never even thought of doing it.

mode one has opened our eyes and told us WE CAN DO IT and should do it. being direct is not easy, but mode one will force you to become confidant. it will prevent manipulative women to take advantage of you.

of course, mode one is a state of mind, its not lines and routines, its a way of life. You will get rejected more by using this, but the girls who reject you would have rejected you anyway, but you were too much of a coward to speak to her and find out.

an example of this would be that sexy model sitting on a train opposite you, you dont speak to her because shes intimidating you with her beauty, you think she will reject you if u spoke to her, but you wont know unless you actually spoke to her. mode one will help you speak to her and if she rejects you, so what? u were gonna get rejected anyway...

but then as you get off the train, theres another cute girl on the platform who was hotter than the other one, you wont go over to her because of her beauty, but now you're mode one, you dont care, so you go over to her, tell her shes cute, and u want to *** her, and guess what, this girl actually wants you to. but you wouldnt have known that without mode one. now youre on your way back to her place for casual sex.

mode one baby...
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