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Deep Connection
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"just not deep enough"

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I totally agree with everything the editor has said about these dvds...
i have tried deep connection in night clubs, and girls are put off saying im mr psychologist or something, and commenting that im trying to get too deep with them too fast. so ive proven it doesn't work in nightclubs.
ive done it to girls in my work place. they answered the questions, i made the connection, then it was forgotten about by home time. you see, the girls, simply DON'T CARE. if you make the connection they just dismiss it and move on regardless.

actually talking about surface level stuff is quite normal and more generally accepted for a casual conversation... trying to get deeper into why she loves to dance will make you come off as weird. the editor has pointed out that shed rather do all this deep connection stuff with someone she is already involved with, which is fine.. in that case, the dvd is not needed until you've actually got into a relationship with that girl.

i can promise, that if anyone reading this actually seen kezia in a nightclub, and you tried this stuff on her, shed laugh at you and turn her back to you...

the men featured in this dvd for the roleplaying really struggle to do deep connection, and its only because this is a filmed seminar that the girls even entertain a conversation with them. should they try this on the same girls in a night club or coffee shop, they would soon be blown out, because the girls simply wouldnt care.

buy this ONLY when you are able to get a girlfriend
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