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"Dont Spend any Hard Earned Money on This"

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I listened to this program over the weekend. I feel you would be much better with a book on a topic like this. Also Carlos Xuma has an alpha man program that has a 400 page work book with exercises. In this program David basically throws around hundreds of ideas that are scattered and dont connect....he refers to many books you can read to become a better man. His program can be summed up with the message of "You should become a real man and become more mature because of this or that...and read this book" He offers very little in the way of actual concepts and idea's to reframe your thinking. He often gets off track of the topic altogether and does not even seem to have any sort of a freestyle. He attempts to try to make you laugh more than he tries to mentor you to learn what to do to become a better man and examples of actual things you need to do or real life stuff could fit on 1 of the 7 cd's. This is not a good inner game program because it is all lights and whistles with very little depth. The things he does offer tend to be common things that you already know and probably feel bad that you dont do more and thats why you bought the program....but you will find the program really offers nothing to resolve this. If you want to listen to it borrow it from somebody but I do not recommend this book. Its like getting stuck in a room with David as he throws around a bunch of different idea's and theories...most of which he doesnt even take the time to really explain. There are much better programs for developing as a person and a man. If you already consider yourself to be somewhat mature this program probably will offer you very little.
You want to become a better man? Read emotional intelligence or learn the sedona method. Then you will have control of your emotions. Then after you have control of your emotions pick up a couple good self help books that seem like they will do a good job of addressing the issue. Awaken the giant within gets thrown around a lot. How to win friends and influence people too.... If you still feel a sting and think that getting this program is the answer let me just add he spends 5 minutes tops on each topic and rarely helps you understand how a man would behave. An example of how to be cool: He tells you to say whats up instead of hello and to basically be cool. Wow...thanks David. This guy is doing this stuff for money at this point guys. Get his books, get advanced and mastery.....and there are a few more programs I will be listening to soon and we will see how those go (inner game, cocky funny, and bars) but please....dont spend any hard earned money on this. I am so glad I borrowed from a friend. I am not saying its a total waste of time...but unless you have no concept of what seperates a man from a boy this will be next to useless. If you do have some idea...then you should be able to pick up some books that will actually give you a deep understanding of the whole nature of it all and the way to carry your life.
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