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This is possibly the best book I've ever read on seduction. It's a no-fluff book. Jason writes clearly and concisely, and he's excellent in terms of customer service. He responds to emails more often than not. As the editor review points out, not everything he does will be your style, but most socially apt people will be able to filter out stuff they'd never do.

Jason teaches a 3-step system (as do most people). He calls it Attraction, HVST (which is basically storytelling and qualification), and Escalation. All of them are explained very well. However, this book loses points for innovativeness because I've seen all of these things before. Yet, this is the best I've ever seen them explained, and Jason makes it so much easier to understand than a lot of the Mystery Method derived companies do.

The book basically describes a mix between routines and natural game, but you'll find that the routines are very minimal. Honestly, they're more guidelines for what you should do, not steps to rigidly adhere to. There's no junk like the 7 hour rule, opinion openers, or anything like that.

This is the best book I've ever read on attracting and seducing women. It is worth every penny, and if you can get the Platinum upgrade, I strongly recommend it.
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