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The Venusian Arts Handbook
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This book has been a god send for me.. I printed out my copy 6/23/07 i studied the book for a few weeks and used its principals to develop my own openers and dhv stories. Within a month I was dating 4 gorgeous hotties.. and going out to pick up new ones twice a week. I fell in love and ended up marrying the most amazing ever women that far surpassed my expectations in every way on 12/5/08.. and to this day when we reminisce about our courtship she remembers some technique's I used from this manual as some of the defining moments where she fell for me. i.e. taking her hand and throwing it away.

The sequence of the model follows exactly what happens in a true "natural" pick up when everything "just goes right." Its all very learnable and easily applicable to use. You will get good results following this method. there is a lot of new products out there that pushes "inner game" and claim you need to do countless approaches and have no plan going in and just say what ever comes to mind.. this is ridiculous and counterproductive.

The hardest part of game is actually going out and practicing.. the reason there is so many different products out there is because its easier to throw money at your problems and keep waiting till you have everything just right to go out.

The other thing is as I developed myself as a pua i was always concerning myself with true having DHV's and it also caused me to develop my career and health I am far more successful now than I would have otherwise been without the knowledge in this book. I just truly didn't get what value was until I read its relationship in this book.

I only wish there was an updated version.. that would take would talk about the effectiveness of direct openers and expand more on stimulating her emotions as value.. the 7 hour rule needs to be thrown out. and there should be more of a focus on pulling for snl"s

all in all this is the best book on the fundamentals of the game.

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